Thanksgiving may look a bit different for you and your loved ones this year. With the Covid pandemic still going strong, many families are choosing to have socially responsible Thanksgiving dinner meals together over video chat platforms like Zoom.

This year, Zoom even lifted their 40-minute video chat rule for those who would like to gather together virtually to celebrate the holidays.

We’re going to provide you with some helpful advice that will help you share a memorable meal with your family this Thanksgiving.

7 Virtual Thanksgiving Ideas

Review our seven actionable tips for hosting your first virtual Thanksgiving during the pandemic.


1. Arrange a Practice Call.

Most people today use Zoom or another video conferencing platform for telecommuting, but not everyone in your family will be familiar with operating one of these platforms. Make it easy for them by setting up a practice run.

This makes it easy for you to help family members that aren’t tech-savvy without sacrificing the fun of your holiday meal. 

You may also choose to write out a bulleted schedule for how your virtual holiday will go to keep things organized and on-track for the live gathering.

2. Cook Your Meals Together.

One of the best parts about Thanksgiving is cooking with your family members and sharing cooking tips and tricks. This timeless Thanksgiving trend doesn’t have to stop because of the pandemic.

Cook with your family members this holiday even virtually. This can be a good experience for you and your family members as you prep food, talk, and enjoy each other’s company at a safe distance in your own kitchens.

3. Eat Thanksgiving Dinner Together as a Family.

Video conferencing meetings aren’t just for talking. They are also for sharing things together, like meals. 

Eating with your family over Zoom will help you to feel like you are all in the same room with each other sharing a holiday tradition that you’ve likely been doing for years.

This way, you can eat together like a normal holiday while sharing the things you are all thankful for from the last year and beyond.

4. Keep Up Your Family Traditions.

Things are different in the world and everyone has been feeling a bit down about not being able to see their family members regularly. Keeping up traditions may help you can your family to feel a sense of normalcy in these troubling times. 

If you can’t uphold your traditions virtually, try to make some new traditions this year using a bit of creative thinking and a little ingenuity. 

For instance, you can create a cool texting scavenger hunt with kids or you can drop some leftovers off to your family members’ homes so they can try your delicious thanksgiving dishes like old times.

5. Share Your Thanksgiving Recipes in Advance.

Some of your family members or friends may be cooking their very first Thanksgiving dinner this year. Send them some of your personal favorite recipes to help them out ahead of time so they can plan to make a great meal to share with those in their household.

Sharing in advance also allows them the time they need to prepare well for the meal by purchasing the proper utensils and ingredients.

Send your relatives a new recipe created by Chef Nigel this year to spice up their holiday.

6. Play Virtual Games.

Everyone likes games because they add extra fun and laughter between you and your loved ones. Virtual games are just as fun as the games you can play in-person. 

Ask your relatives and friends which games they’d like to play so you can be prepared on the day of your virtual Thanksgiving dinner.

Some games you can play over video chat include Bingo, 20 Questions, Trivia, and Heads Up.

7. Take Family Photos

Dress up for your virtual Thanksgiving as though this holiday is no different than previous years. This will add to the festive feel of your virtual event and it will make a nice addition to your family photos. 

This family photo will likely be one you and your family will laugh about for years to come after the pandemic is over.