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Chef Nigel is one of New York City's premier personal chef and catering service, catering for all occasions. Our mission is to give you the best quality food using the freshest ingredients possible. Come take a culinary journey with us as we tantalize your taste buds.
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About Personal Chef NIGEL HINCKSON


Chef Nigel is the Executive Chef and President of Chef Nigel Inc. Chef Nigel’s passion for food & cooking is what lead him into the culinary field. Chef Nigel attended The Art Institute of New York (formally the New York Restaurant School) graduating at the top of his class with a degree in culinary art.

Chef Nigel started his culinary career at the Hilton Hotel where he worked in the banquet kitchen cooking for weddings and other Banquet functions. It was at the Hilton, while working under award winning Chefs such as Chef Stefano Sena, Chef Sonny Soemarsono and Chef Neal Kariyakarawana, that he perfected his culinary techniques cooking a wide variety of foods from Italian, Asian, Caribbean, Cajun & Latin, if you name it, Chef Nigel can cook it.Chef Nigel also worked at the New York Palace Hotel and the Omni Resort (ChampionsGate, FL) under award winning Executive Chef Bernard Mueller.Through out all of this his main goal was to bring back his talents and offer catering in NYC.

 personal chef - Chef Nigel