No Need to Fear!

We’re about to solve what could well be the most frightening part of Halloween – being cliche.

Okay, that’s probably not going to be your biggest fear of Halloween 2019, but it never hurts to mix things up a bit. Differentiate yourself from the crowd!

Treat Your Trick-or-Treaters

Combine everything that kids love into one aesthetic, easy to hand out package!

Balloons, a black sharpie, some green party streamers, and of course, CANDY! (Or as some of us like to do it, homemade baked goods. Kids like these more, we PROMISE you.)

Holiday Pump(kin) Up >

Harry Potter Fans…

Okay, so HP is great all year round, but now it’s really the witching time!

Unless you’re one of the blessed ones who can visit Universal Studios whenever they like, you probably don’t get to have butterbeer all that often.

We are here to solve that – now you can make butterbeer in your own home!
Butterbeer for Days (and Nights) >

You Don’t Gotta be Young to Dress Up

If you’re trying to find cool costumes, but find yourself short on time, click below for some great ideas for food themed costumes that can be executed last minute!

From a donut to a pineapple, these DIY costumes should serve some inspiration.

Get in the Spirit! >

You know what ISN’T spooky? Emailing Chef Nigel.
He’ll make your Halloween events (actually, any event) more fun, tasty, and festive!

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