Catering and Personal Chef Services

Find the top selections for my catering and personal chef services below!


From Carribean to Italian to Latin, Chef Nigel's expertise is applicable to most any dish from most any country.


With more than a decade of working as a professional chef Nigel not only has knowledge, but has worked in the field with countless clients.


From Valentine's Day dinners for 2 to wedding events for 200, Nigel will collaborate to create an experience that will heighten any event! After all, they say that smell and taste are some of the strongest senses...

Hors D’oeuvres

Noodles & Rice

Meat & Poultry




Seasonal Salads

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We would be happy to estimate the cost of your next event if you provide additional information on our estimate page.

Cocktail parties vary from $20-$100 per person, lunch parties from $20 -$55 per person, and dinner parties from $40-$150 per person, depending on food and length of party.