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One of the New York City’s premier personal chef and catering services, and will work with you one-on-one to customize a menu for your special event.

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From Intimate Gatherings to Large Parties

Provide both completely personalized meals, chosen by you, and Chef own personal favorite creations, available for you to choose from the carefully curated menus. With a specialization in international cuisine, Chef guarantee that no matter what the occasion, he is the one who can make your food wishes come to fruition!

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We Specialize in Intimate Catering


InternationalFrom Carribean to Italian to Latin, Chef Nigel’s expertise is applicable to most any dish from most any country.

Special Events

Whether you’re planning exquisite h’ors d’oeuvres for a small group of guests, a backyard barbeque for the neighborhood, or an elegant wedding reception.

Dinner Party

Whatever the occasion, whatever the size, whatever the location, Chef Nigel can accommodate your dinner party! Check out just a small sampling of our menu.

Lunch Party

Lunch is the most underrated meal, so let Chef Nigel make yours special! Size, location, and occasion don’t matter – he can take care of it all!

Cooking Classes

If you want to invite your friends and family to your home for a fun filled night of cooking, or just for a one-on-one class, Chef Nigel will come into your kitchen and teach you, step-by-step, how to cook all the foods you love.

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We would be happy to estimate the cost of your next event if you provide additional information on our estimate page.
Cocktail parties vary from $20-$100 per person, lunch parties from $20 -$55 per person, and dinner parties from $40-$150 per person, depending on food and length of party.

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They all our food

With more than a decade of working as a professional chef, Nigel not only has the culinary knowledge, but has worked in the field with countless clients. Nigel’s philosophy is simple: use the freshest ingredients possible to ensure a unique and unforgettable dining experience for the client.

"“I tried Chef Nigel’s Mango Habanero Sauce and it’s FIRE! I used it on wings and roasted tofu. Try some today, you won’t be disappointed. The Only dish that could travel well to Cali. Looking forward to trying other things on the menu when I get to NYC.”

- Bobby Joshua

“The food is delicious if you like sweet and spicy Fusion he's the guy to make it happen 😉 and I also tried the mango habanero hot sauce it was a burst of favor that was exquisite beyond belief.”

- Giuseppe

"Chef Nigel is an experienced and skilled chef. He personalizes every aspect of his services to you- whether cooking for a small gathering or large party! He is on time and his rates reasonable. He has a great personality and your guests will love him!"

- Linda


Gourmet Mango Habanero Sauce


Gourmet Mango Habanero Sauce

Looking for a sauce with that perfect blend of heat and flavor? You have come to the right place. After two years of crafting the perfect recipe, Chef Nigel released this hot sauce to the market. Nigel uses the finest habanero peppers and ripest mangos to create this incomparable hot sauce. You can taste the carefully cultivated flavor and hint of heat in every bottle.