Dish of the Day: Maryland Lump Crab Cake


 Welcome back! For today’s dish, I’ve chosen a Maryland lump crab cake. Encrusted in Japanese Panko bread crumbs, this dish contains sweet, hearty  jumbo lump crab meat straight from the seafood capital of the nation- Maryland. As a side, I made a savory ginger, celery root slaw. Celery root is very similar to its namesake, but with a slightly milder, nuttier taste. I dressed it with a saporous mango habanero remoulade, the sweet and spicy complementing each other, as well as the variety of flavors this platter boasts. For a deeper look at this dish and my other culinary creations, you can visit my instagram page @chef_nigel1 or follow my hashtag #chasethetaste

Bon appetit,

Chef Nigel

March 19, 2016

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