Dish of the Day: Garlic and Red Pepper Roasted Monk Fish

Roasted Monk Fish

       Welcome back! For today’s dish, I chose my Garlic and Red Pepper Roasted Monk Fish. Monk fish is known as “a poor-man’s lobster,” for its buttery, soft, slightly sweet taste. By roasting the fish, I gave it a light crust, while maintaining the delectably moist inside. I accompanied this with a creamy polenta and  a savory blend of squash, zucchini, eggplant, and red onion in vegetable ratatouille. This entree would go great with white wine, like a chardonnay. For a deeper look at this dish and my other culinary creations, you can visit my instagram page @chef_nigel1 or follow my hashtag #chasethetaste 

Bon Appetit,

Chef Nigel

March 14, 2016

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