Dish of the Day: Cheese Platter


       Welcome back! For today’s dish, I’ve chosen a cheese board. Cheese platters are the perfect spread for all occasions, from casual get-together a to formal events. My plate uses a myriad of cheese, each with a unique taste.

     Starting from the top left, we have smoked Gouda, a variant of the popular cheese that is smoked in a brick oven until it receives a mouth-watering hickory flavor. It pairs perfectly with beer, or fruits, nuts or chocolate for a savory snack.

     Next, we have Boursin. It is a soft white, creamy cheese, seasoned with a decadent blend of garlic, onion and parsley. Spread on crackers, and paired with a crisp white wine like Sauvignon Blanc, it’s taste is incomparable.

     In the top right of the platter we have a classic-Parmesan Reggiano. With its fruity, nutty flavor and gritty texture, this Italian topping compliments pasta, soup and bruschetta. It also goes well with tannic reds, like Chianti.

    In the middle of the platter is Brie, monikered “The Queen of French Cheeses.” Known for its pungent aroma, buttery texture, and nutty taste, this fromage goes great in sweet chutneys, preserves, and pastries. As a soft cheese, it is well suited by a white wine, like Chardonnay.

     Similarly, on the bottom right we have goat cheese, another popular creamy cheese. Its taste can range from strong and pungent to delicate and mild, making it great for dips and as a savory topping. For the perfect pair, try it with a young red wine, like Zinfandel or Malbec.  

     The last cheese we have is a crowd-favorite, sharp cheddar. With a glass of a sweet Red, like Sherry, or alongside some fruit and nuts, it’s always a delectable and dependable choice.

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Bon Appetit,

Chef Nigel

March 16, 2016

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