Dish of the Day: Caprese Salad


     Welcome back! For today’s dish, I’ve chosen Caprese Salad. Known in Italy as Insalata Caprese, this appetizer has a rich history. it originated in Capri as a dish to please visiting royals and politicos. In addition, It serves a dual purpose: a patriotic display of Italy as well as the best products the it has to offer. The red, green and white ingredients juxtapose the country’s flag, while juicy beefsteak tomatoes, creamy buffalo mozzarella and hand picked sprigs of fresh basil, mingle in perfect balance, boasting the cuisine of the nation. Contrary to American practices, this dish isn’t traditionally topped by balsamic vinegar, but rather high-quality olive oil. A dressing of extra virgin, some salt, and cracked pepper pair finely with the sweet tomato and juicy mozzarella. This dish is incredibly simple, yet delicious and impressive, perfect for summertime dinners. For a deeper look at this dish and my other culinary creations, you can visit my Instagram page @chef_nigel1 or follow my hashtag #chasethetaste

Bon Appetit,

Chef Nigel

April 6, 2016


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